Are you thinking about Boiler Installations before it’s too late..?

It might be summer time now and you’re thinking about holidays and firing up the barbie, but now is the ideal time to consider a new boiler installation. It’s vital to have a fully working, efficient boiler that you can rely on, and while your home may be warm enough at the moment, when winter strikes you don’t want to be stuck in a crisis.

Hot water and a warm home are things we come to rely on, and while it can be possible to repair your boiler, it is inevitable that it will need replacing eventually. We have a team of specialists at Plumbbob in boiler installation – whatever type or configuration you need, including combi boilers, system boilers and gravity heating systems. Plumbbob can install any economical and efficient oil, gas or electric boilers.

We can help you to determine which boiler suits your needs and can find the boiler to fit your budget.